Pirkanmaan suurin kirpputorikeskus sijaitsee keskeisellä paikalla Kangasalan Lentolassa Prisman ja Hong Kongin naapurissa.

Flea market

Pirkan kirpputorikeskus, established in 2004, is a modern flea market located next to Prisma hypermarket in Lentola, Kangasala. Our premises are bright and contemporary, with ample space (2500 square meters).
You can reach us easily:
By car: Turn off from Tampere-Lahti road to Tampere-Kangasala road and turn towards Lentola.
By bus: TKL bus lines 6, 40 and 45 – the stop is called Mäkirinteentie.

Renting a stall

from us is easy and quick. You can reserve a place:

  • by phone, tel. (03) 363 4094,
  • by email, kirpputorikeskus@hotmail.fi,
  • at our flea market,
  • by contacting us through our Facebook page.

A stall can be rented for a minimum of one sales period (6 days), several sales periods, or longer.

NB! You don’t have to pay for a stall in advance; we can deduct the rent from your sales.

Our stall options:

  • Standard: a stall with a hanger rod, table, shelf and hangers.
  • Small: two adjacent small stalls with a hanger rod, shelves and hangers.
  • Large: a stall with a hanger rod, tables, shelves and hangers.
  • Children’s: especially designed for selling baby/children’s clothes and accessories. A stall with a hanger rod, shelf and hangers.
  • Shelf space only.
  • Design: a booth with a hanger rod, table, shelf and hangers. The rent includes item alarms, sales tracking and continuous video surveillance.
  • Provision tables

Price list 2022

Prices per 6 days sales period.

  • Standard- 44 € + 5% of sales
  • Small – 30 € + 5% of sales
  • Large – 74 € + 5% of sales
  • Children’s –  20 € + 5% of sales
  • Shelf space – 25 € + 5% of sales
  • Design – 55 € + 5% of sales
  • Provision – 25% provision + 5% of sales

Price tags:
2 sheets of adhesive price tags are included in a sales period fee. We can also send the price tag template directly to your email. In addition, you can purchase more price tags from our staff at any time for 1 € per sheet. You can also copy the sheets or design your own price tags, as long as your customer number is written down in each price tag.
Attach the price tags securely to your items; you can buy pins from the checkout. We will not sell items with altered prices. If you wish to change prices, write new price tags for those items.
The same customer number can be used again, so you can leave the price tags on unsold items until the next sales period.

The rent on the stall is paid out of the final accounting of sales. You can withdraw money from your sales account once during your sales period, but only if the stall rent has been paid. Sales will be paid to the customer’s bank account within 5-7 business days.

NB! No withdrawals from your sales account on Saturdays or Sundays unless it is the end of your sales period.
On weekdays all sales must be paid out at latest 30 minutes before closing time.

Modern & full-service flea market

Our flea market uses a modern cash register system.

Each seller receives an individualized customer number when they rent a stall. If a stall is rented by two or more people, each will receive a separate customer number (included in the price). As customer numbers are individualized, you can use the same number the next time you rent a stall from us.
(Tip: Leave price tags on your unsold items, because you can use the same tags the next time you rent a stall from us. All sales are collated and accounted using customer numbers.)
You can inquire after the balance of your sales at the checkout or book our sales tracking system to track your sales at home!
We accept cash and major debit and credit cards.

Our alarm systems are state-of-the-art and we use newest technology in gateway alarms. Our store has video surveillance.
Each design stall has separate video surveillance.
An assortment of security alarms are available to buy at the checkout.

Selling your stuff at Pirkan Kirpputorikeskus

A sales period can begin any day of the week. Bring your items in the day before the period begins: on weekdays between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. and on Saturdays and Sundays between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. At the end of the sales period, empty your stalls by 6 p.m. on weekdays and by 3 p.m. on weekends. Please let us know if you cannot come at these times. Your stall will be reserved for you until 12 noon on the first day of the rent period.
Renters of several sales periods may cancel their bookings for up to two days before the beginning of the next period.

Tidying up service will help if you don’t have time to tidy up your stall. Tidying up is included in the stall fee.

Changing booths are located next to the checkout. Please return the items you try on to the correct stalls.

Promoting your sales is easy. You can decorate your stall as you wish. Towards the end of the sales period you can ask for a reduction tag (-50 %) for the rest of your items. These are available at the checkout. When displayed at your stall, customers will get a 50 % discount of all your items at the checkout as long as they remember to mention the discount to the cashier.

The sellers are responsible for all their items. Pirkan kirpputorikeskus does not give compensation for damaged or lost items.

Customers: please return items you do not wish to buy back to the correct stall. If you break an item, notify staff immediately. 50 % of the price of the item will be charged. Please clean up after yourself if you make a mess. Ask for a broom and dustpan at the checkout.